Inspection technology for tire manufacturing

New 2D/3D sensors for thickness and profile measurement

Erhardt+Leimer offers a new series of triangulation sensors with the type designation SL, using the light-section method.
The sensors include a line laser and one or two matrix cameras. The line laser is diffusely reflected by the surface of the measuring object, the reflected light hits the receiver, a CMOS chip. In this way, the sensors precisely calculate the lateral and vertical positions of the edges of a running web. They are particularly suitable for black, weakly reflecting surfaces with low contrasts.
The SL sensors can be used for width measurement, web guiding, final inspection and positioning of actuators or tools. Alternatively, the complete profile can be recorded and passed on for evaluation. The calculation of the measuring data takes place directly in the sensor. The position values are output via a Gigabit Ethernet interface and processed in an E+L control or evaluation system, depending on the application.
Depending on the version, the scanning frequency is up to 150 Hz, the measuring range up to 350 mm (lateral/crosswise to the direction of web travel) and up to 60 mm (vertical). This enables the positions concerned to be measured with an accuracy of +/- 200 µm (lateral) or up to +/- 30 µm (vertical). The resolution is 100 µm (lateral) and 1 µm (vertical).
For width measurement, a sub-lateral accuracy of +/- 75 µm can be achieved using E+L specific gauge blocks.

Management software for thickness and width measurement systems

Under the name ELQ, E+L offers a new management software for their measuring systems. By means of trend, profile and bar displays ELQ shows the process and the measured data and offers a comparison of the measured data of all connected systems. The measured data can be evaluated according to predefined recipes. Reports are generated per production run or at reel change. Recipes can either be entered manually or transferred to the ELQ system via PLC systems or databases. In addition to the job data, the process data including the statistical evaluation such as average, minimum value, maximum value, standard deviation, Cp and Cpk and a comparison of the measuring points taking into account the machine position of the respective measuring point are output.

The new products will be exhibited at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover at the end of February. Erhardt+Leimer will be in hall 21, stand 9046.

Download: New 2D/3D sensors for thickness and profile measurement