ODVA certification for Erhardt+Leimer devices


The Ethernet/IP interfaces for the web tension measuring amplifier PA 62 and the control card RK 4030 from Erhardt+Leimer have recently received ODVA certification.

The control card RK 4030 is integrated into most web guiding systems from E+L. This interface makes it possible to set web offset values, choose sensors and select and control operation modes. Information about the selected sensor and active operation mode can also be accessed.
The interface for the web tension measuring amplifier PA 62 supports the setting of min./max. values and the accessing of all current
(threshold) values and warnings.
All supported functions are now CIP™ (Common Industrial Protocol) certified and fulfill the latest interface specification standard. These functions include the IP configuration, specifying whether the IP address is to be set via DHCP or a static preset address is to be used, QoS (Quality of Service) settings, which transmit the message prioritization, the Ethernet link setting and the recognition of address conflicts (duplicate IP addresses).
This certification is a milestone for Erhardt+Leimer at the end of a lengthy and involved process. The final test by the IAF (Institute of Ergonomics, Manufacturing Systems and Automation) at the University of Magdeburg was passed with flying colors at first go by both E+L devices.
The next challenge ahead is the certification for Profinet™ by the PNO (German PROFIBUS regional association).


The ODVA is an international association for the development of industrial standards, to which over 300 companies belong, including globally leading providers of products and systems for industrial automation. Erhardt+Leimer joined ODVA as a member in 2018.

The ODVA members have the common goal to develop and further a range of open and fully compatible information and communication technology solutions for automation technology applications. The Common Industrial Protocol, known as CIP™, a cross-media protocol which is used by EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, ControlNet™ and CompoNet™ forms the core of ODVA technology solutions.

Download: ODVA certification for Erhardt+Leimer devices